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8 Hottest Kitchen Trends in 2017: Great Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

by Gail Brumfield
8 Hottest Kitchen Trends in 2017: Great Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Looking to upgrade your kitchen to make it look trendier and more functional? Consider some of these latest trends in kitchen design for your own remodeling project.

1. Dark-colored kitchens

Use one dark color as the main focus and complement it with brighter or lighter hues for that attention-grabbing color contrast for your kitchen. We’re not just talking about walls—you must include the appliances, flooring, furniture, and utensils in your overall color theme.

Some of the color combinations in recently remodeled kitchens include the following:

  • Black with white and gray
  • Ebony and white
  • Dark charcoal gray with white
  • Black and white

2. White appliances

White is one of the hottest colors of the kitchens in 1980s—and it’s back in 2017. The timeless appeal of white is evident in its fresh, clean vibe—which is ideal for the kitchen. The modern version of white appliances includes innovative touches and advanced surfaces such as glossy white finish and stainless steel handles.

3. Pet areas

Pets are part of the family, so they deserve their own space in the kitchen, too. In a recent survey, 35% of designers include pet spaces in the kitchens of their clients. Here are some kitchen pet space ideas to explore:

  • Special pull-out drawers for food and water bowls (this design aids eating and digestion for your dogs)
  • Racks for food and toys
  • Built-in feeding station and bed

4. Coffee stations

Who doesn’t need their daily caffeine fix? For the hardcore coffee lover in the family, it’s a great idea to set up a coffee station that will contain everything that’s needed for enjoying a good brew. Even a simple countertop for your coffee maker and drawers for your coffee beans, mugs, and spoons will work.

5. Induction cooktops

Sleek and stylish, built-in induction cooktops are ideal for a modern-style kitchen. Aside from excelling in the looks department, this kitchen appliance is also safer to use than the conventional stove.

6. Charging stations

In this interconnected world, we can’t live without our smartphones and tablets. This is why it’s not an outrageous idea to incorporate a charging or docking station in an unlikely area at home such as the kitchen. If you love experimenting with cooking and baking, you can watch those YouTube tutorials on your laptop while prepping the ingredients in the kitchen. A charging station for your laptop and other electronic gadgets will be helpful for that purpose.

7. Smart appliances

Getting a text message from your oven telling you that your food is ready to serve doesn’t sound like an absurd idea anymore. The future of kitchen appliances has come. If you have the budget for it, invest in some smart kitchen appliances that not only makes your space high-tech and advanced but also makes cooking and other kitchen activities more convenient and efficient for you.

8. Industrial-style kitchens

The simplicity and ruggedness of an industrial-designed kitchen will never go out of style. Woods and textured metals are the prime elements of an industrial kitchen.

Is there a kitchen trend that appeals to you? Share them with us!