Enjoying Your House For Years

by Gail Brumfield

Did you just move in to your “forever home” or know a loved one that did? Perhaps you are still finishing renovations, but it will be completed in a few years. However, as humans we keep aging. Why do most people leave their beautifully renovated homes to stay at a nursing home? There is a solution to age peacefully at the comfort of your own home. That is with in-home caregivers. From specialty nurses, to trained individuals there is someone out there available to come help you or a loved one.

Depending on what obstacles or health issues you may come across, senior care agencies can provide someone to assist. For example, Seniors Helping Seniors is a franchise that offers senior in-home care by seniors! It provides a comforting feel knowing that an elder person has a companion, and the caregiver can understand more closely what they are going through. Not only is it beneficial for the senior, but also for the caregiver to be helping their community and helping them accomplish their day to day activities.

Some of the services that Seniors Helping Seniors provides is, light housekeeping, cooking and shopping, pet care, medication reminders, escort to appointments and events, and running errands. For more severe patients, they also cover Dementia and Alzheimer’s care, overnight stays and 24 hour care, and respite care. Lastly, this location provides personal care and help with daily living activities including dressing, eating, bathing, etc.

Regardless of the degree of help needed, it is a wonderful thing to consider calling a senior care agency so you can forever enjoy your home. Having the comfort of your hard work, renovations, own bed, etc. is always a perk when trying to balance the difficulties of aging. You can continue taking care of your garden, or sit on your favorite chair while you enjoy a good book. Don’t forget about your beloved pets who can’t come to a nursing home with you. Having an at-home senior caregiver allows you to keep your fur friend as your companion.