4 Paint Color Tips that will Take Your Home Interior from Drab to Fab

by Gail Brumfield
4 Paint Color Tips that will Take Your Home Interior from Drab to Fab

When you enter a house, what’s the first thing you often notice? Right—it’s the colors. Studies show that color elicits majority of a person’s reaction to a place. So it pays to give your home’s color scheme a careful thought in your home remodeling project. Here are some paint color tips to make your home an impressive one for your family and guests.

Consider the mood of the room.

Dining room – For a formal atmosphere, use neutral colors such as gray, white, brown, and beige or deep blue-greens. If you like inviting guests over dinner and lunch, use warmer, contrasting colors to create a more sociable effect.

Bedroom – Go for cool and soft colors if you want to create a relaxing and calming effect. But if you like a dramatic and intimate mood, use stronger or darker colors.

Consider the lighting in the room.

Your choice of color should match the prevailing light source of the room. Keep in mind that fluorescent lighting leads to a blue tone, while incandescent lighting shows yellows and warm tones. On the other hand, lighting that comes from the windows reveals the paint’s true color. Consider such lighting effects when choosing a paint color for areas near your windows and other direct or indirect light sources.

Refer to the color wheel.

When in doubt, consult the color wheel that shows which colors go great together and which ones are warm and cool. You’ll have fun experimenting with color palettes with the color wheel as your guide.

Go monochromatic with a twist.

To make your color choice simpler, you can opt for a single color. But how can you make it look interesting and appealing in a room? Use different paint finishes, closely related colors, or an accent color that will go well with your main color scheme.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect color scheme for one of your rooms, it’s time to get your paints and brushes ready!

5 Things that can Add Up to Your Home Remodeling Expenses: Costs to Watch Out For

by Gail Brumfield
5 Things that can Add Up to Your Home Remodeling Expenses: Costs to Watch Out For

Building your dream living space involves financial investments—that’s one of the basic realities of home remodeling. But then there are some not-so-obvious costs that can balloon your total remodeling expenses if you’re not careful and meticulous enough.

To help you save money and cut down on unnecessary expenses, here are the costs you must watch out for when remodeling your home.

Higher water and power consumption

This is an inevitable additional expense, considering that machines, power tools, and other stuff that uses up electricity and water are used for your home renovation. So don’t get the shock of your life when the utility bills arrive.

Your lost time for work or business

In the entire duration of your remodeling project, you’ll definitely spend time visiting showrooms, shopping at home centers, meeting contractors, and other tasks. That will require you to take time off your work or business. So the lost work or business hours should also be considered when you compute your total home remodeling expenses.

Changing your mind

If you change your mind a lot about the scope of work and even the tiniest details such as the knobs to use for your kitchen cabinets, you’ll stand to spend more money than what your budget allows.

Dining out

Especially if you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’ll have no way to prepare more affordable meals at home. So prepare for additional costs that come with dining out while your remodeling is ongoing. Alternatively, you can ask your contractor to build a temporary makeshift kitchen or you can opt for inexpensive no-cook meals you can eat at home.

Boarding your pets

If you have pets at home, factor in the cost of boarding them while your remodeling project is in progress. This way, you ensure the safety of your furry friends.

Be wary and keep track of these unexpected expenses so that everything is taken care of, and you’ll not get short of budget.

Remodeling Your Kitchen? 5 Expert Tips to Save Time and Money

by Gail Brumfield
Remodeling Your Kitchen? 5 Expert Tips to Save Time and Money

While updating your kitchen sounds like an exciting endeavor, you have to carefully and thoroughly plan it before you get your kitchen remodeling project started. Here are a few tips from the pros to help you save time, money, and headaches caused by the common remodeling mistakes.

Make sure your remodeled kitchen will look great with the rest of your home’s design.

Respect the architectural integrity of your home by making sure that the design of your new kitchen doesn’t clash with that of your entire home. This might mean you’ll have to leave some of your original appliances intact for the sake of keeping your new kitchen design consistent with other rooms in your house. This will ensure your home has resale value for prospective buyers.

Consider your lifestyle.

Aesthetics and functionality should both be prioritized when you upgrade your kitchen. This is why your lifestyle should be factored in when deciding, for example, what new appliances to add to your kitchen. Do you really need five-star-hotel-quality kitchen appliances when you’re not a serious or professional chef? Be realistic about your needs and make sure your choice of appliances match your lifestyle.

Do your research before you get a contractor.

Ask for recommendations from family and friends. Read online reviews. You need a contractor that you can fully trust to get the work done right.

Don’t scrimp on kitchen cabinets.

If there’s anything in your kitchen that’s worth investing in, it’s the cabinetry. Go with cheap cabinets, and you’ll find yourself replacing them more often than necessary.

Keep it functional.

Make an inventory of all your kitchen gadgets, appliances, utensils, and furniture and think of smart ways to store them. Your inventory will make it easier for you to create a functional design for your upgraded kitchen.

With these kitchen remodeling tips from the professionals, you can be sure that your effort, time, and money won’t go to waste.