How Replacement Windows Can Increase The Value of Your Home

by Gail Brumfield

You’ve likely heard that replacing the windows in your home will increase it’s value. At face value, it just makes sense – replacing aging things like roofs, siding, or windows in your home with newer ones will certainly increase it’s value, but some might be worried if it’s really worth the effort before selling their home. Here are some ways that showcase why replacement windows are a sound investment when selling your house.

replacement windows

You’ll Be Able To Increase The Asking Price

If you get your windows replaced, you will be able to recoup much of the initial investment by adding it to the asking price of your home. Most people ask for 70-80% of the costs associated with replacement windows and include it in the asking price for their home. For example, if your new windows cost you $14,000, you could add $10,500 to the asking price of your home. This is a pretty solid return on investment, and one of the best ways to increase the value of your home before you move out. You’ll need to ensure you work with a recognizable, quality brand in your area though. To find some of the best ones near you, load up Google and do a search for window replacement companies. For instance, if you live in Richmond, VA, you’d enter “window replacement richmond va” to get local results. Make sure to research each result, look at reviews, certifications, accolades, and other qualifiers on their website. Most legitimate window replacement companies will offer a free quote and consultation, too.

New Windows Dissuade Buyers From Lowballing You

Lets face it – it’s rare to get 100% return on investment for adding new windows to a home before selling it. However, if your home is stuck with old, dated windows or worse yet, ones that need to be repaired, potential buyers will take notice of this. They’ll use this as leverage against you and will ask you discount the asking price since they’ll need to replace the windows themselves. This means they might factor in the full price of replacement windows in their offer, resulting in an offer that would be $14,000 (or potentially even more) under your asking price if we use the previous example.

Replacement Windows Save Money on Energy Bills

Replacement windows will absolutely affect the costs associated with heating and cooling your home. How much is dependent on the quality of the windows you buy, as well as the quality of the installation. However, many people see about 20% difference in the cost of heating and cooling their home after replacing their windows. This information can be included in your listing to appeal to potential buyers.

New Windows Give Your Home A Makeover

New windows will be a great upgrade to your home’s exterior façade, making your home look better overall and dramatically increasing it’s curb appeal. The look of a home is important to a buyer, and while an aesthetic upgrade might not add monetary value to your home, it will certainly make it stand out in the marketplace and attract more buyers. This could be the change that makes a buyer choose your home over another one in the same area.