Stairs In A Day

by Gail Brumfield

Stair Remodeling on a Budget

When you come home at the end of a long day, you want everything in your home to look and feel beautiful and inviting. Stairs have a surprisingly significant effect on the overall look of your home. Carpeted stairs are still extremely common in homes that were built in the past several decades, but recently, they have quickly fallen from popularity. Carpeted stairs and stairs with damage or excessive wear can make your entire home look outdated and drab. If you’re looking to replace your stairs on a tight budget, NuStairs from Handyman Matters of Richmond is the perfect option for you.

Handyman Matters of Richmond offers a range of expert handyman services and can complete an entire stair remodeling project in just one day. That means minimal inconvenience for you and your family and a home that looks dramatically transformed in a single day. They’re able to accomplish this because of the amazing innovation of NuStairs. NuStairs are American-made, expertly crafted stairs that can fit right over your previously carpeted stairs. Whether you’re remodeling your stairs, restoring damaged stairs, finishing a basement, or building a brand-new staircase, Handyman Matters of Richmond can take care of everything from start to finish.

remodeled stairs

Instead of ripping out your stairs and building new ones from scratch – a project which could take weeks and a big chunk of change to complete – Handyman Matters of Richmond will leave you with a perfectly installed, beautiful hardwood staircase in just one day. NuStairs come in a range of different finishes, so you’ll be guaranteed to find something that matches your home’s existing décor. And, since they can be installed over your existing stairs, you can feel good about choosing a greener option and keeping waste out of your local landfill.

Handyman Matters of Richmond is proud to employ true craftsmen who take pride in completing every job to the highest standard. Their passion is to help improve their customers’ daily lives by giving them more beautiful, functional homes at a great price. For stair remodeling on a budget, there’s no better option than NuStairs from Handyman Matters of Richmond. Their handyman services take the hassle out of home repairs, improvements, and remodeling, and leave you with gorgeous new stairs in just one day.